Corporate Culture

Leejun Enterprise Culture
Military, Family, School
Leejun is an Army
Advocating team spirit, highlight discipline, emphasizing combat ability
Leejun is a Family
Advocating mutual assistance and friendship, highlighting inclusiveness, and emphasizing synergy
Leejun is a School
Advocating seeking knowledge and truth, tighlight creativity, and emphasize learning ability
  • 01
    Develop Advanced Productive Forces and Strengthen National Industries
    Adhering to "promoting national brand and expanding national industry", increasing investment in technology centers, bringing together the industry's top technical team to innovate, and constantly surpassing in the research and development, manufacture and system process design of cement and mine grinding roller press, the technology is now in the leading position in China and at the advanced level in the world.
  • 02
    Encourage Patriotism; Strengthen Team Consciousness, Set Up Work Style
    Since its establishment, the national flag raising ceremony is held every Monday to make all staff deeply understand that the development of the company cannot be separated from the support of the country, so that all staff feels strong patriotism. From time to time, the company arranged and organized employees to participate in various outdoor training, learning related training such as "going out, introducing", which strengthened the cohesion of the company and strengthened the teamwork. The company has its own trade union and Party branch organization, actively learning the Party's policies, principles and ideas, and set up an excellent work style.
  • 03
    Protect the Legitimate Rights and Interests of Employees and Pay Attention to Their Vital Interests
    Adhere "People-oriented" management policy, the company and employees always send love donations every year and every time to the family difficulties or sudden changes of employees. Birthday condolence, New Year and factory celebration welfare show the "family" culture of leejun, and make it get real spread and promote.
  • 04
    Emphasizing Employee Self-development and Establishing Employee Development Platform
    Leejun pays great attention to the education and training of employees, strengthen the external training of related professional skills of employees, promote and use excellent employees freely, vigorously build the echelon construction of departments, and provide the environment and positions for employees to fully exert their abilities.
  • 05
    Pay Attention to National Education and Spread Love to the Society
    Every year, the company donates computers, books, desks, chairs and other school supplies to poor primary schools, contributing to the country's education. Every year, the company will visit the widowed elderly and offer all the staff's love to them so that they can feel the care from the society. In the face of various natural disasters, the company immediately subsidizes financial, human and material resources to repay the society with a positive attitude, making all employees feel a strong sense of belonging and social responsibility.

    Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise, a kind of perceived influence, a kind of self-identity from the heart, and a kind of consciousness and habit of cultivation. Corporate culture is a process of gradual development, continuous development, continuous absorption and sublimation, which requires the participation of all employees, and the common use of practical actions to spread, keep pace with the times and fully reflect the spirit of the times, in order to be full of vitality and have a strong vitality.

Leejun corporate culture develops with the growth of the company and extends with the development of the company. The corporate culture is the direction of the company's continuous development and the driving force of the company's persistence.

In the past time, Leejun culture accompanied company through the initial stage full of hardships and passionate development stage step by step. In the future, it is necessary for all employees of Leejun to strengthen the identity of the enterprise culture, maintain and spread into full of rationality and vitality of the culture, strengthen the health function of the enterprise, promote the sustainable development of enterprises.