professional manufacturing

01 Asian Roller press, HPGR manufacturing base

The company has established the Asian roller press, HPGR complete set of equipment production and manufacturing base, and has built the production workshop such as heavy machine processing workshop, the heavy equipment assembly workshop, the riveting and welding workshop, the logistics warehouse and the supporting facilities, the total area is 220mu, the entire production and manufacturing base is planned scientifically, and the layout is reasonable.

02 Professional Manufacturing Equipment and Technical Ability

The company has introduced a number of advanced equipment and technology, equipped with heavy NC boring machine and CNC milling machine, and CNC Lathe, with 120t machining capacity for roller shaft and large workpiece, and 300t lifting and assembling ability. Leejun has the advanced assembly and disassembly process of roller sleeve for roller press, the roll shaft repair process and wear-resisting material production process, and Leejun has built the industry leading level roller press, HPGR complete sets of equipment manufacturing base relying on specialization, standardization, scale development. And Leejun has the production capable of 100 sets of roller press, HPGR complete sets of equipment per year.

03 Complete production quality management system

The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, IOS14001 environmental management system and CE certification, and actively promote total quality management. It has successively obtained many honors and qualification certificates, such as "AAA Credit Rating of China Building Materials and Machinery Industry Enterprise", "Sichuan Advanced Enterprise of Quality Management", "Sichuan Construction Innovative Enterprise", "Sichuan AAA Customer of Quality and Credit".