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  • One-stop Service
  • 24-hour Service System
  • Remote Service System
  • Logistics Support
  • Joint Reserve
  • Original Parts Products and Quality Assurance
  • Preventive Maintenance and Online Diagnosis
  • Maintenance and General-contracting Service
  • Customer Training
  • Roller Surface Repair Service
One-stop Service
With thousands of customers on-site technology accumulation, two decades of consistent professionalism, strong technical and after-sales service team, with just a phone call, we can provide customers with a full range of services, including pre-sales technical communication, site inspection, program customization service, installation, system commissioning, operation monitoring, training, production management, equipment maintenance, spare parts service, EPC, etc., solving all your problems.
24-hour Service System
Leejun has a 24-hour online technical consultant who provides technical support and services, a full-time service staff, and can deliver orders 24-hour online.
Remote Service System
Unique remote service diagnosis system, online real-time monitoring equipment and system operation status, accurate, intuitive, fast and safe data, low operating cost, real-time diagnosis by expert team, providing reliable protection for your equipment and system operation.
Logistics Support
The first-class Leejun warehousing center in the industry has a three-dimensional modern warehouse with a construction area of more than 30,000 square meters, 40,000 specifications storage parts / 60,000 storage locations, and specialized third-party logistics distribution, which is able to deliver spare parts to any site in the world at the first time.
Joint Reserve
Utilize the company's strong customer base to establish a shared centralized warehousing, with only a small amount of capital investment to win a large range of spot reserves, reducing the risk of stock shortage.
Original Parts Products and Quality Assurance
Leejun implements strict quality control on every production link, from raw material procurement to finished product delivery. It is equipped with advanced testing equipment and tests the performance indicators of the products to ensure that all product quality meets the requirements.
Preventive Maintenance and Online Diagnosis
By diagnosing equipment, offline or online real-time prevention of the hidden dangers of the roller surface, bearing, gearbox, fan, motor, etc., so that the equipment running condition and life can be controlled.
Provide System Upgrade and Commissioning Services
● Comprehensive and professional equipment and system transformation service guarantee.
● Professional Experience in Research and the Practice of the Thousands of Production Lines.
● Increase production and reduce consumption, system operation is more stable, and economic benefits are improved.
Maintenance and General-contracting Service
Provide equipment and system maintenance general contracting service to solve customer's equipment maintenance with specialization and standardization, help customers to obtain more comprehensive professional maintenance guarantee, reducing maintenance and equipment operation cost, and strive for greater economic benefits.
Customer Training
Take on-site training and company-integrated training in two ways to provide customers with a full range of professional, multi-level training experience.
Roller Surface Repair Service
Roller Replacement and Roller Surface Repair Service.