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Statement on Firm Action to Safeguard the Stable Development of the Capital Market

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In view of the recent sharp fluctuations in China's securities market, in order to stabilize market expectations, enhance the confidence of the majority of investors, strive to promote the securities market to return to a healthy and stable state as soon as possible, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the majority of investors, Chengdu Leejun Industrial Co., Ltd., in order to fulfill corporate social responsibility, protect the interests of investors and jointly maintain the long-term stable and healthy development of the capital market, actively responds to the initiative of Sichuan Association of Listed Companies and makes the following statement to maintain the stability of the company's stock price:

1, Within the scope of the laws and regulations, and in accordance with the "About Major Shareholders of Listed Companies and the Directors, Supervisors and Senior Managers to Increase the Company Stock Related Issues Notice" (Regulatory [51] No. 2015) and other latest rules, Leejun, combined with the company's actual situation, actively takes measures such as company repurchase, the big shareholders increasing, directors, supervisors and senior managers increasing, employee share-holding, equity incentive measures to stabilize the stock price and safeguard the long-term interests of all shareholders.    

2, Integrity management, standardized operation, further improve the company's management and operation level, continue to consolidate and expand the traditional business areas, find and tap new business growth points, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, improve the company's profit level, increase the company's dividend ratio, to improve the performance and company value in return for the majority of investors.    

3. Strengthen information disclosure, improve the quality of information disclosure, enhance the transparency of listed companies, deal with public opinions well, clarify false information in time, and build investor confidence.    

4. Actively guide the formation of a healthy ecological culture of the capital market, continue to do a good job in investor relations management, and cultivate rational investment and value investment concepts.

Chengdu Leejun Industrial Co., Ltd.

July 13, 2015